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best obssesive compulsive disorder treatment in Ipoh . Tapah Bidor Cameron Highland Teluk Intan Sitiawan Taiping
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Best obssesive compulsive disorder treatment in Ipoh

Causes and treatment

Obssesive compulsive disorder

best ocd treatment in Ipoh

Some kids like to wash their hands, but Sarah does it too much. She wants to stop, but her hands just don't feel clean enough and she can't make herself turn off the water. Sometimes she scrubs her hands until they are red and raw. After eating, she feels she has to wash again.

Because she spends so much time washing, Sarah has to rush to get to school on time. At school, she tries not to touch doorknobs or handrails, worrying that if she does she may catch a serious disease. Sometimes, Sarah gets behind in her classwork because she feels that she needs to keep checking it over and over.

During a quiz or test Sarah checks and rechecks every answer and erases anything that isn't perfectly straight or neat. Sometimes she erases so hard it tears the paper, but she can't help it. Sarah gets a bad feeling that if everything isn't exactly right, something terrible may happen. All this worrying, checking, and fixing takes so long that Sarah hardly ever finishes the test before time is up. So even though she knows the work, she often gets an incomplete mark or even fails.

Sarah tries so hard to hide her habits. She worries that she might be going crazy or that people would think she's weird if they knew what she was doing. Sarah knows that the time she spends washing and checking could be spent having fun with friends or doing her schoolwork, but she can't seem to stop herself. That's because Sarah has obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

What Is OCD?

OCD is a type of anxiety (say: ang-zye-uh-tee) that happens when there is a problem with the way the brain deals with normal worrying and doubts. Kids with OCD worry a lot. Sometimes they feel afraid that bad things could possibly happen to them, sometimes they feel that something bad could happen to people they love, or sometimes they feel like they have to get things "just right" and have to check to make sure.

Like Sarah, some kids with OCD are afraid of getting dirty or catching germs. Others always worry that their parents will get sick or hurt. Some kids feel that they have to say things a certain number of times, ask questions over and over again, or keep things super-clean as a way to keep bad things from happening.

Some kids even worry about thinking bad thoughts. They sort of believe that thinking bad things could make them come true.

Some kids may also worry about things being out of "order" or not "just right" and they may worry about losing "useless" items or feel the need to collect them.

People with OCD worry so much that they can spend many hours, or even the whole day, worrying about things and trying to make sure the bad things they worry about don't happen.

What Are Obsessions?

A kid who has OCD might have obsessions about illness or injury or cleanliness. And these obsessive worries just don't quit. The brain keeps repeating them instead of moving on to something else. It can be a lot like that awful song you hear that gets stuck in your head. No matter how much you don't want to hear it, your brain just keeps playing it back. The difference is that the obsessive thoughts come with anxiety.

Having upsetting thoughts that you can't get rid of can feel terrible and scary. And having so many worry thoughts can make it hard to concentrate on anything else. OCD can take the fun out of almost anything.

With OCD, someone may have obsessions about:

  • germs or dirt
  • illness or injury (involving the person or someone else)
  • coming across unlucky numbers or words
  • things being even or straight
  • things being perfect or just right in a certain way
  • making mistakes or not being sure
  • doing or thinking something bad

What Causes OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder isn't contagious, so you can't catch it from someone like you can a cold. Second, kids with OCD have not done anything wrong or bad to get it. It's not their fault that they have it.

Nobody knows exactly how and why some people get OCD, though scientists are beginning to learn about it. Experts know that:

  • OCD runs in families. Many kids with OCD have another person in their family who has OCD or another type of anxiety. Exactly how OCD is passed on in a family is not yet known, but scientists are trying to learn about genes that may get passed on that make people more sensitive to worry problems like OCD.

  • OCD comes from a problem with the way the mind handles messages about fear and doubt. This problem probably has to do with the chemicals that carry messages to nerve cells in the brain. If the flow of these chemicals gets "blocked," or if there is not enough of them, messages about doubts and worry seem to get "stuck." This leaves a person with a feeling that something's not right and creates lots of worry thoughts.

  • Some experts are studying the connection between OCD and the body's immune system response to a strep infection. In some cases, it seems that OCD and strep infections may be related. When OCD starts after a strep infection, the symptoms appear suddenly and very intensely. Most people who get strep infections, though, don't get OCD.

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